Put It Out Rockland: A History of Success:

Since its inception in 2001, Put it Out Rockland has helped hundreds of Rockland County residents quit smoking. We've also reduced second hand smoke exposure county wide and advocated for important quit smoking initiatives.  This is only the beginning--we're not going to quit until you do!

Here are some of the highlights of our program:


  • Since 2002 well over 1500 smokers have participated in PIOR group or one-on-one quit smoking programs.
  • The county youth tobacco use rate dropped since 2002 by 17% among 10th graders and 34% among 8th graders.
  • Put It Out Rockland and Reality Check (youth led anti tobacco action program) collaborated with POW'R Against Tobacco to obtain the following signed resolutions:
1.     4 Municipalities and 9 PTA's and School boards signed resolutions supporting Smoke Free Movies
2.     8 School districts and PTA's signed resolutions supporting Tobacco Free Magazine Advertisement's for schools. School Boards & PTA
3.     8 Municipalities plus the Rockland County Board of Legislators signed a resolution supporting reducing or removing tobacco advertising from stores (Point of Purchase [P.O.P])
Exposure to second-hand smoke has been dramatically reduced since 2003. Collaborative efforts have strengthened the resolve in Rockland County to continue to make our environment a safe and healthy one. Steps to a Healthier NY and Put It Out Rockland invited all municipalities in Rockland County, NY to join the Young Lungs at Play campaign, a county-wide effort to ban tobacco in outdoor spaces where children play.  
1.     Over 85 towns, villages and municipalities now provide smoke free playgrounds, ball fields and other outdoor spaces
2.     Over 80 day cares, apartment complexes, schools, camps, and faith-based organizations now provide smoke free playgrounds, ball fields and other outdoor spaces
3.     The Village of Nyack signed an ordinance in 2009, making their entire park system completely smoke free.


  • Along with all these ordinances, policies and resolutions the Rockland County legislature and the County Executive signed into law a unique smoking regulation, called the Kids in Cars Smoking Safety Act, Local Law #6. This law prohibits smoking in cars in which there are minors present. The law protects and promotes the public health, welfare, and safety of children in Rockland County. Rockland is one of the few counties in the state as well as in the country that has a law protecting children in cars from the hazards of tobacco smokes


Rockland is Putting It Out!

Rockland County’s smoking rates are lower than those of the US as a whole, New York State as a whole and are the lowest of any county in the Hudson Valley and Long Island! Plus, exposure to second-hand smoke has been dramatically reduced since 2003. Data from a 2008 survey demonstrate a 27% drop in the number of homes in which smoking is allowed, and, a 34% drop in the number of smokers who live in homes where smoking is allowed.